Important Information

If you are looking for any information or news/updates about our API or Package. Please join our Discord. We post everything about our API and Site in there! Hope to see you there!

About the API

Here at, we offer a custom API for all developers to come and interact with. Our API allows the bot developers to keep track of their bots stats. You can even track who is voting for your bot! If you would like more information about our custom API. Please go check out the documentation! It's simple and easy, Just like adding you're bots to!

Getting Started


Here at, we offer a npm package for updating stats on you're discord bot! Such as online status and servers. We will be adding much more in the future! You will find the npm package link below this message!

Non Library Usage

Other methods include making a POST request to our /api link and using that to update statistics. We ask that you refer to our Discord support channels for this support while we work on a documentation page.