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BlurBot, a bot where anything is possible. With this bot you can moderate, manage, play music, fun commands and much more!

Reborn Bot

Reborn Bot, built with your server in mind, packed full of features and updated with user requests.

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BlurBot developers have a good deal of experience with bot development. We focus on developing a user-friendly bot, with good features and good support. The closet for us is that users are happy with the product. We want to offer a bot that can moderate your discord server, where you can play music add levels of activity, take advantage of fun commands that make your discord server much more lively. Our biggest focus is the users, and that the bot should be as user-friendly as possible. The bot will be expanded and in the future the bot will receive additional updates, it is also in the plans to launch a premium bot with even more functions that are even better. We will give you a good quality bot that is user-friendly with good support and with an active development team.

Why you should choose Blurbot?
It is very simple. Blur Development is a team that keeps what they promise, we have to offer the bot we have described. If something is incorrect in relation to the description, it will be fixed as soon as possible, simply because we have a support team that is active and who monitors support tickets daily. As mentioned above, we offer a new fine bot with high quality.

We at BlurDevelopment are experienced coders who work with many different coding languages, (discord.js, node.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Lua). The team is active and led by good leaders who plan, implement and inform. BlurDevlopment consists of two managers, Marcus and Henrik, with several developers and a strong support team. We also have a moderation team on our discord that helps keep the operation up. To join BlurDevelopment, you can find information on our discord server. Updates, plans, releases and not least support can be found on the discord.