Short Link: Library: discord.js Prefix: m! Creator: Connor200024#0001 Tags: fun Avg Rating: 0/5 Alerts: Contains NSFW content!

MemeBot the best reddit bot for your server, great memes and more!

Music Control

Music Control enables you to listen to Music without the lag, either through Youtube or Soundcloud!

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MemeBot Commands:

m!about - This will some stuff about the bot.

m!botinfo - This will display the bot information.

m!config - Check the server settings.

m!changelogs - Check what we have updated.

m!contactdev - Contact Connor200024 if you need any support.

m!feedback - Send a feedback Like: m!feedback [Yes] (Without the [])

m!help - This will ofc display all the help commands.

m!links - This will display all the links.

m!ping - Check the bot's latency.

m!policy - Check what we store on the Database.

m!reportbug - Send a bug to Connor200024 Like: m!reportbug [Fix me] (Without the [])

m!stats - Check the current Statistics.

m!suggestion - Send a suggestion to Connor200024 Like: m!suggestion [Add this] (Without the [])

m!uptime - Check the current uptime.

Meme Commands:

m!dankmeme - This will load a DankMeme from my API.

m!meme - This will load a Meme from my API.

m!stonks - This will load a StonksMeme from my API.

NSFW Commands:

m!setup - This will add your guild to our Database for you to access the NSFW Commands.

m!nsfwmeme - This will ofc load a NSFWMeme.