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Status: Offline Servers: 94 Short Link: disbot.top/b/trollguard Library: discord.js Prefix: tg! Creator: Hyperz#0001 Tags: moderation social utility Avg Rating: 4/5 Alerts:

A bot that bans scummy people from multiple servers at a time. We stop scum from wide ranges. We lead the way here at disbot.top.

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What is TrollGuard?

TrollGuard is an advanced multi-banning Discord Bot designed to keep your community safe from Trolls! We focus our priority on those who can cause drama, hate, raids, etc inside of your Discord Server!


  • Multi-Banning
  • Secure DB
  • Synced with other DB's
  • Web API W/ Jake Hamblin
  • Security at it's finest
  • Trusted by Multiple Known Developers
  • 95% Up-Time (after maintenance)
  • Trusted & Non-Bias Staff Team