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A Verified Discord Bot To Help You Moderate And Manage Your Servers Easily While Having Fun Over Discord!

Reborn Bot

Reborn Bot, built with your server in mind, packed full of features and updated with user requests.

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• Furious Is A Discord Bot Packed Fill Tons Of Commands Which Help You Spend Your Time On Discord While Moderating And Managing Your Servers

• Making your server unique and extraordinary has never been easier!!!

• All Commands Can Be Seen By Typing F!help

• Commands Work Only When The User Has Correct Permissions

• Provides Useful Moderation And Management Commands

• Has A Customizable Karuta Cardping System (F!karuta help)

• Has A Customizable Starboard System (F!starboard)

• Provides Epic Server Logs Which State The Main Content As Well The User Which Executed The Action.

• Has Utility And Giveaway Commands Which Are Handy While Running Servers

• All Commands Are Made With The Sole Purpose To Help You Run Your Servers And Enhance Your Discord Experience. If You Have Any Query, You Can Join Our Support Server.