Safe Guard

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Looking for a Multi advanced bot for your discord server or games server then you have found us


Ever looking for a better and more amazing alternative to LeakGuard? Look no further, TrollGuard is here to help!

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We display our bot with 9 features and they consist of server moderation and Utility Commands for moderating a server and to keep all rule breakers out of the server. We plan to move foward into expanding our bot to have more features like, Dashboards, Tickets, Game Server Status and even Music. We are Currently a small growing bot and hope to extend our future of MONGO. This bot was fully coded by Our 3 Main owners in JavaScript and we plane on building our Dashboard in PHP or GO. But at the end of the day someone needs a good bot that can help a server and is helpful.

Shows all the commands!

Welcome & Leave msg
Create a channel called welcome

Creates an embeded message

Creates an announcement!

Warns a user!

Kicks a user!

Bans a user!

creates a giveaway