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Suction Cup Mod

Status: Offline Servers: 56 Short Link: disbot.top/b/suctioncupmod Library: discord.py Prefix: s! Creator: Mr.Costi#7847 Tags: fun moderation Avg Rating: 4/5 Alerts: Contains NSFW content!

Suction Cup Mod bot is your normal basic moderation bot. What's the twist? Well, he is very.... opinionated on what he thinks of you as the user. Over all this bot is just fun to play with and show off to your server but it also maintains the important features of a bot for when things need to be more serious.

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This bot is everything you need. It does moderation but in a fun way. I made this bot to be as close to a normal person interaction as possible. It's almost like you can feel a real physical connection with the bot as it tells you your a b*tch and other amazing compliments like that. It is still a very good moderation tool and will perform all the general purpose things you need for a bot. Want to know what the bot can do? just run "s!help"