Server Protectron

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A simple discord bot to automatically protect all your servers!

Music Control

Music Control enables you to listen to Music without the lag, either through Youtube or Soundcloud!

Paid Promotion

What is one of the biggest issues with running a discord server in 2021? Server raids. Almost every single server on discord gets raided about 3-5 times a month and sometimes even more on bigger servers. Sometimes you can't always have staff online to stop or prevent these raids. I have been in the exact same position and after a recent server raid on my discord I decided its finally time to create a bot that does something about it but in a good way. Lots of discord bots attempt auto moderation but they are sloppy with how its done. This bot is made specially to help every server without messing things up or doing things wrong. Server Protectron will protect your server from any type of raid possible. Paid features will allow server owners access to add whitelisted channels, user ID's and more to prevent the bot from moderating them. Once I have a website released this will be a free feature for up to 1 role and 1 channel.