Unax Bot

Short Link: disbot.top/b/unax Library: discord.js Prefix: r! Creator: Discord Lawyer#1001 Tags: fun moderation utility Avg Rating: 0/5 Alerts:

The bot consists of moderation and fun commands for everyone to use! There is some NSFW commands but they can only be used in a NSFW Marked.

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  Unax Bot  

---------------------- Moderation commands ----------------------

`ban`, `kick`, `tempban`, `clear`, `unban`, `mute`, `unmute`, `tempmute`, `slowmode`

---------------------- Entertainment commands ----------------------

`anonymous`, `fbi`, `poutine`, `trump`, `macron`, `cheh`, `meme`, `coinflip`, `issou`, `covid`, `8ball`, `nitro`, `panda`, `koala`, `fox`, `cat`, `dog`

----------------- General commands -----------------

`help`, `invite`, `embed`, `img`, `user`, `sondage`, `about`, `ascii`, `reversetext`, `pp`, `fortnite`, `rdm-number`,