Certified Bots


112 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Offline | 94 servers

A bot that bans scummy people from multiple servers at a time. We stop scum from wide ranges. We lead the way here at disbot.top....

StrongerTogether Bot

73 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 264 servers

The Stronger Together Discord Bot is a Discord bot designed to protect your community from the bad. All people that are banned by membe...

Reborn Bot

30 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 93 servers

Reborn Bot, built with your server in mind, packed full of features and updated with user requests....


14 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 57 servers

Sync your guilds bans with another guild. If you ban a user from one guild they will be banned from the other synced guilds....


13 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 37 servers

Create and build your own embeds to be sent from the bot on behalf of you. This makes your announcements and messages look nice and cle...

Secure Bot

9 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 65 servers

Secure Bot is a bot built for the server owner looking for security in their server....


2 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Online | 22 servers

Sticke allows users to set a sticky message that persistently stays at the bottom of a channels chat....