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😎 The best Multi purpose bot 🤯 Youtube, Spotify, soundcloud Music support. ⚙ Standard Prefix: > (changeable) ✅ Invite: https://bdd.xy...

CoKe Security

0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Coke Security is a cool moderation and fun bot with Tons of commands! You can ban, kick, mute and more!...

Power Bot

2 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A moderation and economy bot fit for your server!...

Hype Bot

0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Hype is a cool moderation and fun bot with Tons of commands! You can ban, kick, mute and more! It even has an economy system! Hype is a...


1 upvotes | 1/5 rating

Saturne Bot makes it easier to create an engaged community. You can use it to welcome new members to the server, moderate communication...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

TheRoleplayer is GTAV Roleplay bot...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

AkkoBot the simple small bot, made for your servers...


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🏫 Learn about Ethereum and 🔍 look up addresses, transactions & blocks. ⚡ Ran by the Listcord team!...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 94 servers

An awesome Discord bot with loads of commands for you to use in your server! Any command is free, no requirments at all! Were alway...

Exotic Music

3 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Exotic is a music bot with some amazing features Always there waiting for you, 24/7! Exotic stays playing in your server and never disc...


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Простой музыкальный бот!...

Home Guard

0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

A bot that bans people from multiple servers at a time. We stop Bad pepole from wide ranges. Including Leaker , Rippers And much more...


130 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 250 servers

Security+ is a Discord bot that utilizes the DiscordJS API to focus on keeping your server safe from users, trolls, attacks, and more!...


0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Welcome to evalzero discord bot is a discord bot where everyone can use it ...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A Discord bot to keep your support system professional and efficient....

UtiliBots Invites

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Keep track of server invites all from one bot!...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Need help? Support is just a DM away!...

To-do Bot

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Ever have too many tasks to do, but don't want more software open? If so, this is the bot for you!...

Birthday Bot

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Keep track of member birthdays in your Discord!...


2 upvotes | 3/5 rating

GuildStats is a bot created to track some statistics in your guild and with your users. It uses graphs to display its data!...


0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Dislate is a Translation BOT with more Then Translation Features...

California Blacklisting

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Keeps Bad People away and your server safe...


223 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Offline | 36386 servers

Sokobot is a Discord bot that lets you play Sokoban, the classic box-pushing puzzle game!...

Larry Bot

0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Larry Bot is a heavily maintained multi-purpose bot...

Hype Guard | hg!

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 2 servers

Multi Guild Ban Bot || Ban Leakers || Ban Griefers!!...

Viking Guard

7 upvotes | 5/5 rating

a multi guild ban database to keep leakers, trolls, toxcity out of development communities, software communities, roleplay communities....

Music Master

1 upvotes | 1/5 rating

The Number 1 music bot For all you needs ...


2 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 2 servers

A simple way to get some rules setup in your server....


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Multifunctional bot! Example: (system welcome, system suggestions, music, fun and more ..) You can use it easily!...

Unax Bot

0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

The bot consists of moderation and fun commands for everyone to use! There is some NSFW commands but they can only be used in a NSFW Ma...


26 upvotes | 5/5 rating

RoleBot is your basic role system management bot. Create and delete roles as well as add or remove users from a specific role. ...


2 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A Discord bot that stops Ban Database bots from joining your server... Did it for the meme......


3 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 2 servers

CreatorGuard is here to protect Creators! ...


0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

MemeBot the best reddit bot for your server, great memes and more!...


0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

An epic, feature-ruch discord bot that has a load of features ranging from giving you the daily dose of quotes to a moderation and warn...

Cheap Guard

10 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 11 servers

This bot bans people that are so stupid they decide to do something bad like leak, use leaks or activities we cannot control...


3 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Barry is a Moderation Bot with a ton of Cool Features! ...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A Verified Discord Bot To Help You Moderate And Manage Your Servers Easily While Having Fun Over Discord!...


0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Hellpoint is a multipurpose bot that is easy to use, with fun commands, moderation, auto roles, memes and more....

AssetGuard Ban Database Bot

6 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Offline | 14 servers

The Future Ban Database for FiveM to remove leakers/rippers/unlockers...

Better Bans

0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Better Bans Bot will protect your server from unwanted people. Better Bans bot has a ban database for people who done bad things on dis...

Suicide Prevention Bot

3 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Hi! I’m a helpful bot dedicated to helping those who are at risk of suicide. I watch for key words and phrases, and then act accordingl...

Server Protectron

122 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 66 servers

A simple discord bot to automatically protect all your servers!...


4 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A Nice Little Music Bot That Works On Youtube With Playlist Support...

Sanlox Music

0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Sanlox Bot Your Friend Please İnvite Your Server <3...

Rusty Info

12 upvotes | 5/5 rating

RustyInfo is a Rust Stat Tracking bot, it'll track your combat-stats, farming-stats. ...


3 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Hi im Musics, Musics Make By HWKE9D And So Dont Forget To Add / Vote to Our Server...


5 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Online | 25 servers

An all in one Discord Bot with auto-moderation, administration, music and more!...


8 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Hypertonic is an amazing Discord Bot that takes care of most things that you want in one bot. Our multi use functions go from Moderatio...

Homie Generator

4 upvotes | 2/5 rating

A Discord bot to help you get some friends...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Mizuki-Chan is a multi purpose bot with multipule diffrent categories! ...

Safe Guard

12 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Looking for a Multi advanced bot for your discord server or games server then you have found us...


0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

A dynamic, unique and multipurpose bot which aims to enhance discord servers with quality of information, utility, and moderation capab...


8 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A Discord bot that stops Ban Database bots from joining your server... Did it for the meme......

Hamblin's Ban Database

17 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A database of bans aimed to stopping leakers...


3 upvotes | 5/5 rating

TextArt allows you to create ASCII generated text and display it in Discord. This allows for fast and easy cool text!...


6 upvotes | 1/5 rating

This is Marky ! Marky is a "hackerish" multipurpose bot that will cover almost all your needings! IP Commands, Currency System, Ga...

5 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Absolute is a new bot that (hopefully) will soon start getting to multiple discord’s and taking over their moderation, and maybe giving...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

002 (02) replies to z2! or (custom prefix) with over 100 unique commands. To improve your discord server with the best waifu ZeroTwo...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Hinata is a new anime waifu bot with a bunch of command category's from Roleplay to Image Generation....


3 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A discord bot which can do practically anything that you need a bot to do, it can make you laugh, it can make your server safer, it can...


3 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Multi-functional bot in EN with AutoRole on join, Welcome/Leave system, Logs, Moderation, InviteManager...


17 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Neon is a Moderation, Economy, Fun, and Utility bot! ...


5 upvotes | 3/5 rating

Offline | 4 servers

Frostyy is a new bot im working on, it is not finished but I work on it everyday so it can be one of the best sometime....


9 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 41 servers

BlurBot, a bot where anything is possible. With this bot you can moderate, manage, play music, fun commands and much more!...

Weather Bot

6 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 6 servers

The Weather Bot is a bot created by Mythic to display the weather in different parts around the world. ...

Roleplay Enhancement Bot™

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

This Is A Roleplay Bot For GTA V RDR2 And More Games This Help enhance The Roleplay of Discord Roleplay Servers. ...

Daily Chatter

10 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 12 servers

Daily chatter is a utility and chat bot designed to help improve your communities chatter! Every 24 hours a daily chatter will be award...

Music Control

10 upvotes | 4/5 rating

🎵 Music: You can play music from most common sources like YouTube and Soundcloud and SPOTIFY!!...

MythBot Radio

1 upvotes | 1/5 rating

💎MythBot Radio™, one of the few unique music bots. Fully user-supported, with over 30+ Radio Stations from all over...


2 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Lyfe to make your life better...


2 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Luibot is a multipurpose discord bot that offers you all the features you need to run and manage your server and much more!...

FiveM Server Tracker

3 upvotes | 5/5 rating

This is a short and simple bot that uses requests to get data from fivem servers and display it to their own discord server....

Syntax Checker

8 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Online | 9 servers

Check your code in your server. Help your community learn. This bot checks code sent in Discord channels and replies with a reaction if...


8 upvotes | 5/5 rating

This is a discord bot that makes tickets its also name based so you only need to create a few things with a specific Name and it will w...

A Fax Machine

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A fax machine that receives non-stop fax...

A Spooky Cat

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 3 servers

A Spooky cat to keep your chat nice n' spooky...


2 upvotes | 3/5 rating

Socket provides useful tools for developers of all languages. ...

A Cow

4 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 4 servers

It's time for farm animals. Introducing the cow - You new friendly local Discord cow!...

A Cat

7 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 6 servers

A Cat gives you the ability to have a peaceful pet in your voice channel and will make sure he OR she keeps you awake...

A Dog

5 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Offline | 4 servers

A Dog lets you simply have your best mate in your voice channel. He will keep you company for as long as you need...

Apex Moderation

2 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Online | 9 servers

Apex Moderation was created to be an ease to moderating your discord server with updates planned and updates to come you cant go wrong ...

Among Us

4 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Ever wanted to control an Among Us game with a few simple games? Or just find out everything there is about it? Invite this bot to get ...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Shopify allows you to easy power a marketplace with one bot, create products and have them processed like market discords do!...

Xen Reactions

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Welcome to Xen Reactions! A simple to use reaction menu creator to automate roles in your discord....

Xen Applications

4 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A simple to use, one stop system for applications. ...


0 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Offline | 105 servers

A bot that bans scummy people from multiple servers at a time. We stop scum from wide ranges. We lead the way here at

StrongerTogether Bot

78 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Online | 243 servers

The Stronger Together Discord Bot is a Discord bot designed to protect your community from the bad. All people that are banned by membe...


2 upvotes | 3/5 rating

Online | 16 servers

Lets do some maths! Calculations bot allows you to perform equations and get some cool answers....


13 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 16 servers

Create and build your own embeds to be sent from the bot on behalf of you. This makes your announcements and messages look nice and cle...


13 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 33 servers

Create and build your own embeds to be sent from the bot on behalf of you. This makes your announcements and messages look nice and cle...


2 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 18 servers

Need a fun or interesting fact? Or even a random website that does something cool or not normal? UselessBot will be right for you. Name...

Secure Bot

9 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Offline | 56 servers

Secure Bot is a bot built for the server owner looking for security in their server....

Reborn Bot

30 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 93 servers

Reborn Bot, built with your server in mind, packed full of features and updated with user requests....


3 upvotes | 3/5 rating

Offline | 17 servers

Just an simple meme for people to use! Go google it haha!...


2 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Online | 22 servers

Sticke allows users to set a sticky message that persistently stays at the bottom of a channels chat....


14 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 59 servers

Sync your guilds bans with another guild. If you ban a user from one guild they will be banned from the other synced guilds....