Top Bots

Server Protectron

122 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Online | 72 servers

A simple discord bot to automatically protect all your servers!...


112 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Offline | 94 servers

A bot that bans scummy people from multiple servers at a time. We stop scum from wide ranges. We lead the way here at


80 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 33179 servers

Sokobot is a Discord bot that lets you play Sokoban, the classic box-pushing puzzle game!...

StrongerTogether Bot

73 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 264 servers

The Stronger Together Discord Bot is a Discord bot designed to protect your community from the bad. All people that are banned by membe...

Reborn Bot

30 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 93 servers

Reborn Bot, built with your server in mind, packed full of features and updated with user requests....


26 upvotes | 5/5 rating

RoleBot is your basic role system management bot. Create and delete roles as well as add or remove users from a specific role. ...

Hamblin's Ban Database

17 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A database of bans aimed to stopping leakers...


16 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Neon is a Moderation, Economy, Fun, and Utility bot! ...


14 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 57 servers

Sync your guilds bans with another guild. If you ban a user from one guild they will be banned from the other synced guilds....


13 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 17 servers

Create and build your own embeds to be sent from the bot on behalf of you. This makes your announcements and messages look nice and cle...


13 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 37 servers

Create and build your own embeds to be sent from the bot on behalf of you. This makes your announcements and messages look nice and cle...

Rusty Info

12 upvotes | 5/5 rating

RustyInfo is a Rust Stat Tracking bot, it'll track your combat-stats, farming-stats. ...

Safe Guard

12 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Looking for a Multi advanced bot for your discord server or games server then you have found us...

Daily Chatter

10 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Online | 11 servers

Daily chatter is a utility and chat bot designed to help improve your communities chatter! Every 24 hours a daily chatter will be award...

Music Control

10 upvotes | 4/5 rating

🎵 Music: You can play music from most common sources like YouTube and Soundcloud and SPOTIFY!!...

Cheap Guard

10 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 11 servers

This bot bans people that are so stupid they decide to do something bad like leak, use leaks or activities we cannot control...

Secure Bot

9 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 65 servers

Secure Bot is a bot built for the server owner looking for security in their server....


9 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 41 servers

BlurBot, a bot where anything is possible. With this bot you can moderate, manage, play music, fun commands and much more!...


8 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A Discord bot that stops Ban Database bots from joining your server... Did it for the meme......


8 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Hypertonic is an amazing Discord Bot that takes care of most things that you want in one bot. Our multi use functions go from Moderatio...

Syntax Checker

8 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Online | 5 servers

Check your code in your server. Help your community learn. This bot checks code sent in Discord channels and replies with a reaction if...


8 upvotes | 5/5 rating

This is a discord bot that makes tickets its also name based so you only need to create a few things with a specific Name and it will w...

A Cat

7 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 6 servers

A Cat gives you the ability to have a peaceful pet in your voice channel and will make sure he OR she keeps you awake...

AssetGuard Ban Database Bot

6 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 14 servers

The Future Ban Database for FiveM to remove leakers/rippers/unlockers...


6 upvotes | 1/5 rating

This is Marky ! Marky is a "hackerish" multipurpose bot that will cover almost all your needings! IP Commands, Currency System, Ga...

Weather Bot

6 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 6 servers

The Weather Bot is a bot created by Mythic to display the weather in different parts around the world. ...

Big Benjamin

5 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 238 servers

Benjamin is a Discord bot based off of a user(s) TikTok video with a bot they made for their server named Big Ben Bot and it joins a vo...

A Dog

5 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Offline | 4 servers

A Dog lets you simply have your best mate in your voice channel. He will keep you company for as long as you need...


5 upvotes | 3/5 rating

Offline | 4 servers

Frostyy is a new bot im working on, it is not finished but I work on it everyday so it can be one of the best sometime....

5 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Absolute is a new bot that (hopefully) will soon start getting to multiple discord’s and taking over their moderation, and maybe giving...


4 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Online | 13 servers

An all in one Discord Bot with auto-moderation, administration, music and more!...

A Cow

4 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 4 servers

It's time for farm animals. Introducing the cow - You new friendly local Discord cow!...


4 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A Nice Little Music Bot That Works On Youtube With Playlist Support...

Homie Generator

4 upvotes | 2/5 rating

A Discord bot to help you get some friends...

Among Us

4 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Ever wanted to control an Among Us game with a few simple games? Or just find out everything there is about it? Invite this bot to get ...

Viking Guard

4 upvotes | 5/5 rating

a multi guild ban database to keep leakers, trolls, toxcity out of development communities, software communities, roleplay communities....

Xen Applications

4 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A simple to use, one stop system for applications. ...


3 upvotes | 3/5 rating

Online | 16 servers

Just an simple meme for people to use! Go google it haha!...


3 upvotes | 5/5 rating

TextArt allows you to create ASCII generated text and display it in Discord. This allows for fast and easy cool text!...


3 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Barry is a Moderation Bot with a ton of Cool Features! ...


3 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Hi im Musics, Musics Make By HWKE9D And So Dont Forget To Add / Vote to Our Server...


3 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A discord bot which can do practically anything that you need a bot to do, it can make you laugh, it can make your server safer, it can...


3 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Multi-functional bot in EN with AutoRole on join, Welcome/Leave system, Logs, Moderation, InviteManager...


3 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 2 servers

CreatorGuard is here to protect Creators! ...

Suicide Prevention Bot

3 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Hi! I’m a helpful bot dedicated to helping those who are at risk of suicide. I watch for key words and phrases, and then act accordingl...

FiveM Server Tracker

3 upvotes | 5/5 rating

This is a short and simple bot that uses requests to get data from fivem servers and display it to their own discord server....


2 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A Discord bot that stops Ban Database bots from joining your server... Did it for the meme......


2 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 2 servers

A simple way to get some rules setup in your server....


2 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Online | 22 servers

Sticke allows users to set a sticky message that persistently stays at the bottom of a channels chat....


2 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Online | 20 servers

Need a fun or interesting fact? Or even a random website that does something cool or not normal? UselessBot will be right for you. Name...


2 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Lyfe to make your life better...


2 upvotes | 4/5 rating

Luibot is a multipurpose discord bot that offers you all the features you need to run and manage your server and much more!...


2 upvotes | 3/5 rating

Online | 17 servers

Lets do some maths! Calculations bot allows you to perform equations and get some cool answers....


2 upvotes | 3/5 rating

Socket provides useful tools for developers of all languages. ...

UtiliBots Invites

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Keep track of server invites all from one bot!...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

GuildStats is a bot created to track some statistics in your guild and with your users. It uses graphs to display its data!...

California Blacklisting

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Keeps Bad People away and your server safe...

Birthday Bot

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Keep track of member birthdays in your Discord!...

Hype Guard | hg!

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 2 servers

Multi Guild Ban Bot || Ban Leakers || Ban Griefers!!...

Music Master

1 upvotes | 1/5 rating

The Number 1 music bot For all you needs ...

To-do Bot

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Ever have too many tasks to do, but don't want more software open? If so, this is the bot for you!...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Multifunctional bot! Example: (system welcome, system suggestions, music, fun and more ..) You can use it easily!...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Need help? Support is just a DM away!...

Xen Reactions

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Welcome to Xen Reactions! A simple to use reaction menu creator to automate roles in your discord....


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Shopify allows you to easy power a marketplace with one bot, create products and have them processed like market discords do!...

Apex Moderation

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Online | 18 servers

Apex Moderation was created to be an ease to moderating your discord server with updates planned and updates to come you cant go wrong ...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Mizuki-Chan is a multi purpose bot with multipule diffrent categories! ...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A Discord bot to keep your support system professional and efficient....

A Spooky Cat

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Offline | 3 servers

A Spooky cat to keep your chat nice n' spooky...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A Verified Discord Bot To Help You Moderate And Manage Your Servers Easily While Having Fun Over Discord!...

A Fax Machine

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

A fax machine that receives non-stop fax...

MythBot Radio

1 upvotes | 1/5 rating

💎MythBot Radio™, one of the few unique music bots. Fully user-supported, with over 30+ Radio Stations from all over...

Neon Music

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Neon | Music is a easy to use music bot!...

Roleplay Enhancement Bot™

1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

This Is A Roleplay Bot For GTA V RDR2 And More Games This Help enhance The Roleplay of Discord Roleplay Servers. ...


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

Hinata is a new anime waifu bot with a bunch of command category's from Roleplay to Image Generation....


1 upvotes | 5/5 rating

002 (02) replies to z2! or (custom prefix) with over 100 unique commands. To improve your discord server with the best waifu ZeroTwo...


0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Welcome to evalzero discord bot is a discord bot where everyone can use it ...

Home Guard

0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

A bot that bans people from multiple servers at a time. We stop Bad pepole from wide ranges. Including Leaker , Rippers And much more...


0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Простой музыкальный бот!...


0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Dislate is a Translation BOT with more Then Translation Features...

Larry Bot

0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Larry Bot is a heavily maintained multi-purpose bot...

The Ban Boss

0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

TBB is a ban bot, it's for FiveM Servers, Where we ban leakers hackers modders and more, you can request to ban other people in the Dis...

Unax Bot

0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

The bot consists of moderation and fun commands for everyone to use! There is some NSFW commands but they can only be used in a NSFW Ma...


0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

MemeBot the best reddit bot for your server, great memes and more!...


0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

An epic, feature-ruch discord bot that has a load of features ranging from giving you the daily dose of quotes to a moderation and warn...


0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Hellpoint is a multipurpose bot that is easy to use, with fun commands, moderation, auto roles, memes and more....

Better Bans

0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Better Bans Bot will protect your server from unwanted people. Better Bans bot has a ban database for people who done bad things on dis...

Sanlox Music

0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

Sanlox Bot Your Friend Please İnvite Your Server <3...


0 upvotes | 0/5 rating

A dynamic, unique and multipurpose bot which aims to enhance discord servers with quality of information, utility, and moderation capab...