Bot List Rules


Your bot must be in check with Discords ToS


Bots that have been offline for extended periods of times may be removed without notice or publicly hidden.


Not be a clone/fork or running a pre-made bot. This includes Discord Bot Maker (DBM) and BotGhost.


Not contain malicious functions.


Be online and functioning properly at the time of adding your bot and during the review process.


Not have a NSFW avatar or name. Any NSFW content in the bot must not be shown by default or must be in NSFW channels only.


You must be the main creator and/or owner of the bot/application.


Must not respond or interact with other bots.


Must not spam messages or mass mention/advertise in direct messages or channels by default.


Have features relative to at least one tag. If your bot doesn't fit a tag an exception can be made.


Have at least one command or main functionality (with no commands).


Bots can be declined, removed and/or publicly hidden for any reason staff deem necessary.

Bot Page Rules


Not use your pages bio/descriptions to advertise services that are not relevant to your bots service. Things like donations and doc links are okay. However, a link to a random Reddit page is not.


Not providing or linking to malicious content.


Not blocking or disrupting other page content.


Not using a preset button from the application page to use and/or link to other links, sites or services.


All information entered on your page must be correct including prefix and libary.